Friday, July 15, 2011

Joshua's Book Catalog

Here is Joshua's Book Catalog on Amazon Kindle.

Frog's Birthday This is the story of Charlie Smart (Frog) having a Birthday. He invites friends from his school. He learns how to deal with problems that arise from inviting everyone to his birthday.

Frog's New Neighbor This is the story of Frog (aka Charlie Smart) and when he meets his new neighbor who moved in just down the street. They found out they had 2 children his age. They had a boy named Steve and a girl named Ryan. They had a sleepover with their new friends.

Frog's Pet Dragon This is the story of how Charlie Smart got his pet dragon. He goes with his family to dragon mountain and gets to see a lot of dragons. Then something happens.

Frog's Missing Tooth This is the story about Charlie Smart losing his first tooth. He tells his friends and gets a visit from the tooth fairy.

There will be more added soon.

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