Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vote for your favorite Frog Book

Please vote for your favorite Frog book on the right side:

Frog's Birthday This is the story of Charlie Smart (Frog) having a Birthday. He invites friends from his school. He learns how to deal with problems that arise from inviting everyone to his birthday.

Frog's Missing Tooth This is the story about Charlie Smart losing his first tooth. He tells his friends and gets a visit from the tooth fairy.

Frog's New Neighbor This is the story of Frog (aka Charlie Smart) and when he meets his new neighbor who moved in just down the street. They found out they had 2 children his age. They had a boy named Steve and a girl named Ryan. They had a sleepover with their new friends.

Frog's P.E. This is the story of Frog and where he learns how important Physical Education is. He learns to exercise and have fun in his P.E. class with his friends. He learns the value of playing on a Team.

Frog Makes Money This is the story of Charlie Smart and his friends go to the store. They find something they would like to buy. They do not have enough money to purchase it. So they need to come up with creative ideas to make money so they can purchase the items they want.

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